20-23 september 2017. Pécs - Hungary
Hotel and travel


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How to get to Pécs:

Pécs, the Mediterranean city of Hungary, is located on the slopes of Mecsek mountain in the south-west of Hungary. Due to its location - being close to the border - Pécs is a truly multicultural city where many cultural layers are encrusted melting different values of the history of two thousand years.
It can be easily reached by train, long distance bus service or by car. 

There are 3 main airports with shuttle services to Pécs:

Liszt Ferenc International Airport Budapest - 2,5 hour door-to- door shuttle from Pécs.
Osijek International Airport (Osijek, Croatia)  - 1 hour door-to-door shuttle from Pécs.
Vienna International Airport (Vienna, Austria) - 4 hour door-to-door shuttle from Pécs.

Transfers between the airports and Pécs:

Mecsek Travel

Please note, that there are two types of shuttle services to choose from; private transfer and minibus service. With the minibus service you might have to wait one or two hours after arrival at the airport. Private transfer costs more, but there is no waiting time. You can order private transfer individually or with other attendees. If you can arrange a private transfer with other attendees of the conference who are arriving at the same time we would suggest to do so for your own convinience.

By train:
You can take the train from Keleti Pályaudvar / East Railway Station Budapest. It takes about 3 hours. You can buy the tickets at the train station or online here.

By car:
Highway M6/M66 connects Budapest to Pécs. You can by 10-days pass at any gas station in Hungary or online here.