20-23 september 2017. Pécs - Hungary
Application for FRM 2017 FENS Travel Grant is open!
Travel Grants for young qualified researchers offered by FENS are available for attending the 5th FENS Regional Meeting.   

The FENS FRM 2017 travel grants amount to a maximum of 500 €

The eligibility criteria are the following:

• The applicant must be 35 yours of age or younger, at the time of application
• The applicant is not residing or working in Hungary
• Participation in the meeting with an abstract as first author

The application should contain the following materials:

• Short CV
• Publication list
• Abstract of the presentation as first author
• Two short letters of recommendation

The application for the FENS FRM 2017 travel grants is now open.

The deadline for application is 30 April 2017

To apply please click here.

The FENS travel grants will be distributed in cash at the FENS booth during the FRM 2017.
In order to claim your travel grant, it is mandatory that you present your ID card/passport/driver's license for verification of your identity at the FENS booth. 
In the absence of the proper identification papers, travel grants will not be given.

Important: Please note that this travel grant will not be transferred into your account in the event that you do not present yourself personally at the FENS booth.