20-23 september 2017. Pécs - Hungary
Plenary: Interneurons in Alzheimer's disease (István Módy)
Plenary: Interneurons in Alzheimer's disease (István Módy) 2017-09-21 - 18:00-19:00
Venue: Plenary Hall
Speaker: István Módy
Chair: Tamás Freund

István Módy, Ph.D. is the Tony Coelho Distinguished Professor of Neurology and Distinguished Professor of Physiology at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, and he also holds a part-time W3 Professorship in the Department of Epileptology, of the Bonn University Medical Center. He is a foreign member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and the recipient of numerous international awards, including the Michael Prize for Epilepsy, the American Epilepsy Society’s Basic Scientist Award, the Hauptmann Prize, among others. Over the years, GABAergic inhibition in the brain has become the principal research focus of the Módy lab. He made some seminal discoveries in the field of epilepsy research including the demonstration that there are more synaptic GABAA receptors on epileptic neurons, but that the molecular composition of these receptors is different from those found in the non-epileptic brain. More recently, in a publication about the role of tonic inhibition following stroke, he demonstrated that an elevated level of this type of GABAergic tone hinders functional recovery after stroke in a mouse model of the disease. During the past few years, Prof. Módy’s lab has started addressing the hormonal control of neuronal excitability in females. His lab presently is working on alterations of GABAergic inhibition in mouse models of Alzheimer’s Disease, and reproductive depression models.