20-23 september 2017. Pécs - Hungary
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Trip to Villány / Tenkes Csárda (ticket needed)
Trip to Villány / Tenkes Csárda (ticket needed) 2017-09-22 - 20:00-22:00
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Taste of Hungary I.  - Trip to Villány

Villány is one of Hungary’s top wine regions, known for its reds and rosés. Hungary’s most southern wine region has long and hot summers with abundant sunshine, followed by a mild winter. Thanks to this sub-Mediterranean climate wines from Villány are full-bodied and spicy and of the highest quality. The majority of Hungary’s award-winning wines are produced in the Villány region. According to archeological finds winemaking traditions in the region can be traced back to Roman times.

The Jammertal Wine Complex is one of Europe's biggest and most beautiful wineyards, situated at the gate of the Villány Wine Region. With its 2100 m2 area it offers far more than an average wine tasting experience. Taste the finests of wines accompanied with matching dishes of their famous kitchen. 

Cold appetizer: Homemade greaves cream with crispy bread 
Appetizer: Gourmet mushroom risotto 
Entrée: Duck leg confit with mashed potatoes and stewed cabbage with dried plum 
Desert: Tiramisu

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Taste of Hungary II. - Trip to Tenkes csárda

If you long for a quality rural atmosphere, Tenkes Csarda is a place for you. The owners of this tavern relentlessly work on recalling the memories of the past and tracing its flavours.
A place where traditional Hungarian food meets a modern requirement; seasoned with a touch of Baranya famous paprika. Of course, this sort of tavern is also supporting local producers, many of their ingredients are from locals and organic. Catfish stew, various types of paprikash, lamb –  heaven for foodies. Wine list is impressive as the menu - famous Villany wine producers and local palinka (brandy). (source)

Appetizer: Selection from the Tenkes pantry 
Soup: Tenkes Gulyás with homemade potato dumpling 
Entrée: Traditional plenty plate with several tasty sides and mixed salads 
Desert: Strudel Selection

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