20-23 september 2017. Pécs - Hungary
Special events
Meet the Nobel Prize winner
Meet the Nobel Prize winner 2017-09-21 - 14:30-15:30
Venue: Conference Room F08
Speaker: Thomas Südhof
Chair: Zoltán Nusser

In addition to the scientific plenary lecture on the 21th of September, the program called “Meet The NobelPrize Winner” provides a unique opportunity to hear more about the Nobel laureate Thomas Südhof’s way to the Nobel-Prize. The event is an outstanding chance for the next generation of leading scientists to ask questions, exchange thoughts and to discuss current developments in science and beyond with Dr. Südhof, an undisputed role model and mentor. This program is especially recommended for young scientists standing at the beginning of their careers. 

We suggest you to send your questions in advance.


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